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GET ResumeThis method is used to retrieve the binary contents of a Resume.
GET<id> Accept: application/octet-streamAuthorization: Bearer <AuthCode access token>Content-Type: application/json
Request parameters
idURI path param - Required
Identifier of the resume to be retrieved
AuthenticationAn Authorize header is required with the following values:
  • Scheme: Bearer
  • Value: an Access Token obtained using the Authorization Code flow for the scope “r_profile_apply”
  • 200 OK: Success (see example below)
  • 406 Not Acceptable: Invalid accept header in request. Ensure accept header is set to exactly “application/octet-stream”
Example response
200 (OK)Content-Type: application/octet-streamContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=SampleResume.pdfContent-Length: 1314782binary data
In order to identify the file type of the resume, refer to the ‘filename’ in the response returned (i.e. filename=SampleResume.pdf).