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POST Access Token Request (Client Credentials Flow)This method is used to Get an Access Token as part of the Client Credentials flow. This is used when calling the Application API after a candidate submits a job application. Client credentials are passed in as a Basic-scheme Authorization header.
POST Basic {contains client_id and client_secret}Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded{ grant_type=client_credentials}
grant_typeBody param - Required
Set to “client_credentials” for this OAUTH 2 flow (the Client Credentials flow)
AuthenticationAn Authorize header is required with the following values:
  • scheme: Basic
  • value: Client credentials encoded as a Basic Authentication header value, containing these values:
    • Client ID – the SEEK-allocated identifier for the Partner
    • Secret/password – client secret / password previously registered with SEEK for the Partner (Base 64 encoded)
ResponsesThe following fields should be present in the response:
The access token. Expires 20 minutes from issue
The type of the token (e.g. “bearer”)
The lifetime in seconds of the access token
200 (OK)Content-Type: application/json{ "access_token":"952e59ea5f0...329f8", "token_type":"bearer", "expires_in":1199}