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Get an Authorization CodeThe following details the requests made to obtain an authorization code as part of the Authorization Code flow for OAuth2 for Apply with SEEK. Please note that the authorization code is single use and expires 5 minutes after the code is issued to the Partner via redirect.Redirect to the SEEK Consent FormRedirect to SEEK to ask the Candidate for consent to access their Profile information stored with SEEK, and subsequently issue an Authorization Code.This is not an API call – it renders the Consent form for the Candidate to interact with.
GET{Partner Client Identifier}&redirect_uri={redirectUri}&state={state}&scope={scope}&response_type=code&advertiser_id={Advertiser Identifier}
client_idQuery string - Required
SEEK-allocated identifier for the Partner, issued during onboarding of Partner with SEEK
redirect_uriQuery string - Required
URI of the Partner’s endpoint for accepting a redirect after the candidate has granted or denied access. The Client URI will be provided by the Partner to SEEK during Apply on your site, with SEEK onboarding of the Partner with SEEK. It is strongly recommended for the redirect URIs to use HTTPS.
stateQuery string - Required
Partner-allocated state information. Use this to resume the Application process after the candidate has interacted with the SEEK OAUTH 2 Consent form
scopeQuery string - Required
URL-encoded set of space-delimited scopes. Scope required is r_profile_apply
response_typeQuery string - Required
Set to "code" for this OAUTH 2 flow (the Authorization Code flow)
advertiser_idQuery string - Not required
SEEK-allocated identifier for the Advertiser. Use this to enable the OAuth Consent Form to display “ATS on behalf of Advertiser”.
SEEK Redirects back to Partner with Authorization CodeAs per the OAUTH 2 standard, after the user interacts with the Consent form SEEK’s Authorization server will redirect back to the Partner’s redirect URI, appending two additional querystring parameters:
  • code: Single use Authorization Code issued to the Partner if the Candidate gave consent. Expires after 5 minutes of issue
  • state: Partner-allocated state information, as described above.