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Apply on your site, with SEEK
Apply with SEEK ButtonThe Apply with SEEK button can be placed on your site by using an iframe that we provide.Please note the button will be provided in our standard 230x45px size. Please let us know if you need the button image in a custom size to suit your application form.Apply on your site, with SEEK offers a range of benefits to the candidate and hirer:
Generate iFrameWhile production iframes will need to be generated programmatically, to include dynamic values of advertiser_id and state, this form can be used to generate a sample iframe, to demonstrate how the values are inserted into the src string.
The client ID provided to you by SEEK.
A HTTP or HTTPS callback URI supplied by you to SEEK in advance.
The identifier for a single advertiser in order to display the advertiser name on the OAuth consent form (i.e. “ATS on behalf of Advertiser…”).
A free text field where you can place anything you like. This is generally used to rehydrate a state in your own application when we redirect back to you and to protect against CSRF attacks. You should validate the state that comes back as being as you expect.
The button is available in three colours. You may choose an option that more closely aligns with the page it will be on.
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