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Terms of use
API VersioningThe SEEK API’s are constantly evolving. Over time, new features, and new information will be added to the API’s.
What is an API change?The API’s will have minor and major changes.For minor changes, functionality may be added, either in new calls, or as additional information in responses. These changes can happen several times a year. Your integration with the SEEK API’s should be made resilient to these types of changes. You will be provided with a minimum of 45 days notice to adopt a minor change.Major changes are changes that modify the existing signature of API calls, and are not backwards compatible. With the release of a major change, several minor changes may be released as well.
Versions and NumberingChanges will be announced in the documentation and release notes, but may not be included in the path.
Backwards CompatibilityEvery time a new major version is released, the older version will be supported for a designated period of time, with a minimum of 3 months. When older versions are phased out, API users will be notified several months prior this event. Failure to comply with requested changes to our API within the given timeframes can result in you being denied access to the developer portal and API’s.