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Terms of use
Job Posting API
  • OAuth2 security model must be used, please refer to our documentation
  • Authentication will occur as the provider/requester of the API service
  • All API calls need to be in JSON
  • All API calls must be supported (post, delete, edit)
  • Calls must be made in real time
  • Support of error handling and messages back to the user when a job is not successful
  • You must be able to provide copies of technical files to assist SEEK when required
  • All Job Posting API features should be available to your client(s) including but not limited to templates, standout logos, custom template fields, user level SEEK Access codes, video, salary banding, location and sub classifications.
  • Support for multiple SEEK accounts per client
  • Support for the following 3 scenarios in regards to StandOut adverts:
    • A client uses standout for every advert (mandatory),
    • a client uses standout for some adverts (selective), or
    • a client never uses standout.
  • Provide the live link of the SEEK advert from the API back to the end user in some form.
Third Party URLs
  • If your product redirects or alters the application URL, you must provide both URLs in the API. The fields are named "applicationFormUrl" and "endApplicationURL". For example, if the application URL is, but when the candidate leaves SEEK they are then instantly redirected by you to a different URL eg:, then we must be provide both of these URLs in the API. Candidates will still be redirected to the "applicationFormUrl".
Messaging and Branding
  • The image used for SEEK job posting within your product must be used with the colours provided and should not be converted to black/white, grayscale or any other colour settings.
  • Any value or product messaging you display to mutual clients regarding SEEK job posting or adverts must be approved by SEEK.
  • You must use the SEEK field names and display recommendations provided unless approved by SEEK.
Support and Implementation
  • Once your integration is complete we will go through a checklist and testing procedure.
  • You will be provided a list of requirements for your integration to be allowed to go live with SEEK which will include, but is not limited to – workflow and screenshots of your integration, details of your support process should an issue occur, information on how a mutual client can activate SEEK within your system, information on how candidate source tracking for applications will occur.
  • By integrating with the SEEK Job Posting API you are agreeing to these expectations as well as the Terms of Use and Versioning Policy documented on our developer portal.