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Terms of use
Apply on your site, with SEEK API
  1. This paragraph only applies to you if you wish to use, or are using, the “Apply on your site, with SEEK” functionality (“the AwSK function”). The AwSK function is a SEEK API that has functionality allowing application forms to be prefilled with candidate information retrieved from that candidate’s SEEK Profile. The AwSK function is intended to streamline job applications from candidates who have SEEK Profiles.
  2. The AwSK function will be made available for use by candidates on compliant websites (“Hosted AwSK Sites”). A compliant website is one which complies with items 3-6 of these Terms of Use.
  3. If you wish to integrate with the AwSK function, you must, in addition to complying with the SEEK Developer Site and API Terms of Use:
    • take all possible steps to ensure that, where a candidate makes use of the AwSK function, your integration minimises the need for re-entry of any candidate information in the application form that is otherwise contained in that candidate’s SEEK Profile and made available by SEEK to you;
    • ensure that, where a candidate makes use of the AwSK function, your integration does not require that candidate to separately re-attach a resume that is otherwise associated to the candidates SEEK Profile and has been made available by SEEK to you;
    • ensure you display the AwSK button in your application forms to indicate to a candidate that the AwSK function is available, provided that:
      • the AwSK button is rendered in context with suitable wording such as “Prefill with”, “Apply with” or “Start Application with”;
      • the words displayed alongside the SEEK logo are in a different font and colour compared to the SEEK logo;
      • clear space is allowed around the AwSK button – the space above, below and to the left and right is at least the height of the “e” in the logo;
      • you do not recreate the SEEK logo; and
      • the image must be used with the colours provided and should not be converted to black/white, grayscale or any other colour settings. Two sizes of the AwSK button image are provided for your use. If you need a different size, please contact us and we can provide a custom size to suit your application form. You may download the logos from the developer portal from the Images page.
    • ensure that where the Application API Prefilled endpoint is called in response to a candidate requesting the use of the AwSK function, the Application API Complete endpoint is also called when the candidate completes their application;
    • ensure that if the candidate requests use of the AwSK function, but a failure occurs and the prefill does not proceed, that an error message is surfaced to the candidate advising them of the error and of what they can do next; and
    • ensure that your externally hosted application form is mobile optimised to the level required by SEEK (at its discretion).
  4. Any candidate data pre-populated into an application by the AwSK function is considered “Data” for the purposes of clause 17 of the SEEK Developer Site and API Terms of Use, and must be treated in accordance with that clause.
  5. SEEK reserves the right to take any such action it deems necessary to ensure that you comply with the requirements outlined in these Apply on your site, with SEEK API Terms of Use.
  6. Provided you continue to comply with the Apply on your site, with SEEK API Terms of Use and the SEEK Developer Site and API Terms of Use generally, SEEK grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license to use the trademarked SEEK image displayed in the AwSK button.