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Terms of use
Ad Products APIBy integrating with the SEEK Ad Products API, you are agreeing to:
  • These Ad Products API Terms of Use;
  • The requirements set out on the SEEK Developer Site; and
  • The API Terms of Use.
TechnicalUse of the Ad Products API requires you to obtain a valid Partner Token from SEEK by using your supplied Partner credentials.Upon successfully integrating and authenticating via the SEEK API, Partners can access the SEEK Ad Products API.
FunctionalYou acknowledge and agree that:
  • Ad Products API functionality must be made available to all SEEK clients. Removal of Ad Products API functionality for any SEEK client must be discussed and agreed with SEEK beforehand;
  • All SEEK products available through the SEEK Ad Products API are visible to all SEEK clients; and
  • Pricing information surfaced via the Ad Products API is not to be used for any other purpose other than for displaying the price of SEEK’s products to customers who are posting job ads in the flow.
Messaging / BrandingUpon successfully integrating the SEEK Ad Products API into the Partner system, SEEK will review the implementation to ensure the design appropriately represents the SEEK brand and value proposition.It will be at SEEK’s discretion whether the design implemented by you appropriately represents the SEEK brand and value proposition.
Versioning / EnhancementsSEEK may release subsequent versions of the Ad Products API and require you to use those subsequent versions within 30 days of its release.Your continued use of the Ad Products API following a subsequent release, will be deemed your acceptance of the modifications.Failure to use subsequent versions of the Ad Products API within 30 days of their release will be deemed a failure to integrate with the Ad Products API.
ImplementationYou acknowledge and agree to work collaboratively with SEEK to implement Ad Selection via the Ad Products API, including:
  • Defining a Statement of Work;
  • Conducting “scoping & kickoff” sessions together with SEEK;
  • Conducting weekly progress update meetings together with SEEK;
  • Dedicating appropriate resourcing to implement & test the SEEK Ad Selection via API experience in accordance with the agreed statement of work; and
  • Provide access to sandbox & production environments.
SupportAny issues impacting the client use of SEEK Ad Selection via API are to be advised to SEEK - API Support Team ( within 1 hour of the issue being detected.Support requests must clearly describe:
  • An assessment of the impact to the client;
  • The cause of the issue (if known);
  • The duration of the issue;
  • The expected timeframe to resolve the issue (if known);
  • The version of the API impacted; and
  • Any supporting logging data that can assist for diagnostic purposes.