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Optimised Apply on SEEK
API OverviewThe Optimised Apply on SEEK API supports job applications submitted on SEEK being retrieved into a customer’s external recruitment system.
  • Contact Details
  • Attachments (Resume, Cover-Letter, etc.) and
  • Job Application Details (Date/Time, Jobseeker ID, etc.).
  • Optimised Apply on SEEK is only available to authorised clients
  • Optimised Apply on SEEK access must be enabled for all accounts (Advertiser, Agent, Third Party).
  • Access to Authenticate via the SEEK API must be granted to the account doing the Authentication process.
  • For those acting on behalf of another account; authorisation must be granted at an account level.
  • The Advertiser account for which applications are being requested must be active (i.e. not disabled or on credit hold).
  • To identify which Job Applications are for which Job Ads, Advertisers must use a unique identifier in the Internal Reference field when posting their Job Ads.
  • Where an Advertiser account also has link out enabled and is using the Job Posting API to post their Job Ads; the Advertiser will need to pass an empty link-out URL field (for each Job Ad) in order for SEEK to determine that the Advertiser wants to receive their Job Applications via Optimised Apply on SEEK.
  • The Date & Time of when the Optimised Apply on SEEK access was enabled should be noted as Job Application Attachments are only stored from that point.
  • When Optimised Apply on SEEK is activated, email applications are suppressed by default. This means that no application emails will be sent for any job ads, and applications can only be retrieved via the Optimised Apply on SEEK API. There are two exceptions to this:
  • You can specifically request access to have your applications sent via email. If you request this access, all applications for that account will be sent via email AND also stored in the Optimised Apply on SEEK API.
  • If you supply a secondary application email address for your job ad ad either via the node ApplicationEmail in the Job Posting API, or via the field Additional application email (if creating the ad manually), you will also receive applications via email for that job. Therefore, if you only want to use the Optimised Apply on SEEK API for applications, and DON’T want to receive emails as well, please do not supply an Application Email.
Service Standards
  • Job Applications should be available for retrieval within 15 minutes of the Jobseeker submitting the application. This is based on high loads but on average we expect the delay to be less than this.
  • Job Applications are available for retrieval for a given Native Job Ad from the time it was posted until 90 days after it has expired.
  • The Optimised Apply on SEEK service will be available 24×7 (excluding planned site outages and unforeseen circumstances).
  • Communication is restricted to HTTPS.
  • The security flow for requesting Authentication is modelled around OAuth 2.0.
  • The Authorization Grant is encrypted, expires after 10 minutes, and is single use.
  • The Access Token is encrypted and is set to expire after 30 minutes, requiring the client to re-authenticate.
  • The following Authorization checks occur:
  • Permission to login.
  • Permission to access the Advertiser ID.
  • Permission to access the Job Ad.
  • Permission to access the resources (Job application data and attachments) of the Advertiser
Downloading frequency
  • Each Advertiser account should begin a request cycle no more than every fifteen (15) minutes to ensure responsiveness of the service.
  • Clients should try to maintain a regular request cycle frequency to help SEEK better identify fraudulent attempts to access their Job Applications.
  • The maximum number of Job Application data results returned in a single request is one hundred (100). It is expected that multiple requests will be required to complete the download.
  • The number of simultaneous requests must not exceed four (4) per Advertiser account, to prevent saturation of the service.
TestingAll Optimised Apply on SEEK API Operations can be tested through the test site. The API Test Site contains static mock data so the extent of testing is somewhat limited. Please see below for the required test data:
  • Usernames: TestAdvertiser, TestAgent, TestThirdParty
  • Roles: Advertiser, Agent and ThirdParty, respectively
  • Password: Contact SEEK
  • Host:
  • Protocol: HTTP
  • TestAdvertiser – will only have permission to download for advertiserId 10000
  • Agent & Third Party – permission to download for advertiserIds with range 10000 to 10006
  • AgentID = 20000
Support and ImplementationOnce your integration is complete we will go through a checklist and testing procedureYou will be provided a list of requirements for your integration to be allowed to go live with SEEK which will include, but is not limited to – workflow and screenshots of your integration, including showing a step by step walkthrough of the below items:
  • How are the applications stored against the relevant job ad?
  • How does a mutual client view the candidate applications?
  • How does a mutual client view the cover letter?
  • How does a mutual client view the resume?
  • How does a mutual client view the SEEK Screen questions?
  • How does a mutual client view the primary job seeking information?
  • How does a mutual client view any error message should an issue occur?
  • How does your systems use query parameter options?
  • How does a mutual client activate Optimised Apply on SEEK within your system?
  • Details of your support process should an issue occur
  • Does your integration parse information from the resume?
  • If yes, what information and where does it appear?