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Job Posting
Deliver a seamless hirer experienceAt SEEK, we understand the importance of a seamless recruitment experience for hirers. SEEK’s Job Posting API gives hirers easy access to Australia’s largest employment marketplace. Hirers can instantly post and manage their job ads on SEEK from their recruitment system.
BenefitsThe Job Posting API offers a range of benefits:
Access to SEEK’s employment marketplace
  • 30 day job ad listing on Australia’s #1 online job site
  • Immediate access to SEEK Talent Search where hirers can proactively search and connect with over 8 million candidates
  • Leverage employer brand proposition through branding solutions
  • Job ads promoted to relevant active and passive candidates using SEEK’s advanced matching and recommendations algorithms
Greater speed
  • Job ads automatically uploaded to SEEK from hirer’s recruitment system
  • Jobs posted individually and live on SEEK within seconds
  • Ability to immediately edit and delete individual job ads
Greater efficiency
  • Better quality job ads through robust error and data handling
  • Success message including a live link to the job once posted on SEEK
  • Detailed error messaging available within seconds
  • Secured using OAuth2
Please note, if your recruitment system also facilitates managing applications for jobs posted to SEEK, your recruitment system will be required to support one of our apply solutions.