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Formatting ValidationFormatting RulesThe "advertisementDetails" field allows for some basic formatting. Only the following tags will be available to use in this field.
Formatting Tag
<b>, <strong>
Bold/strong text
Line break
Heading text
Horizontal line
Italic text
List element
Ordered list
<p style=”text-align:left|center|justify” >
Align text left, centred or justified
Unordered list
Emphasised Text
<a href=”” target=”_blank” >About Us</a>
Links are allowed for certain advertiser accounts; please check with SEEK. Links are validated to be correctly formed e.g. http/https, the host must have a top-level domain (e.g. http://portal/about is invalid but is ok), etc.
Here is an example of how the formatting tag can be used in the API request body and how the job ad would look like. To ensure Job Advertisements are being uploaded successfully to SEEK the first time they are posted, the Job Posting API has been enhanced to help support invalid formatting tags by:
  • Automatically removing any invalid or unsupported HTML tags
  • Automatically removing any URL hyperlinks to display as text (only in the case where the advertiser is not allowed to use hyperlinks)
  • Automatically removing any invalid URL link and replacing with text: [link removed]
To avoid the automatic removal, it is highly recommended that our hirers and integration partners only provide SEEK with valid formatting tags, as outlined in the Formatting Rules.